AFTERSHOCK takes place at the end of the 21st century when humanity discovers that they are not alone in the universe. Their space faring efforts are devastated in an instant by an alien race closely resembling humans, who have exhausted the resources of their own planet and are looking to take control of Earth. The fight comes to the ground where amid the chaos, a shadow faction seems to be profiting off both sides. This Scenario will include control stations, missions, props, mercenaries for hire, and role playing characters as well as The Exchange, smoke, pyro, tanks, and special effects.

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EMR Paintball Park is your premiere paintball and airsoft facility and home of the famous Castle Conquest. We have 20 diverse playing fields that include; Castles, Forts, Villages, and Towns complete with 2 story buildings, bunkers, tunnels, bridges, woods and various terrain!

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577 Wolf's Lair Road
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