This is the LAST CHANCE to play the ORIGINAL CASTLE CONQUEST in Castle AAARRGH and TIPPMANN TOWN! Mark this date down to check it off your Bucket list! This 3-Day Event is the LONGEST RUNNING and BIGGEST ATTACK & DEFEND GAME in Paintball that purely defines the words “PURE PAINTBALL INSANITY” and will be based around the two Largest & Nastiest Castles in Paintball; CASTLE AAARRGH & CASTLE WAR!

March Meltdown 2015: Galactic Guardians
28 Mar
8:00 am EMR Paintball Park
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Airsoft Open Play Apr 18, 2015 (10am – 4pm)
18 Apr
10:00 am EMR Paintball Park
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24 Apr
11:00 am EMR Paintball Park
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EMR Paintball Park is your premiere paintball and airsoft facility and home of the famous Castle Conquest. We have 20 diverse playing fields that include; Castles, Forts, Villages, and Towns complete with 2 story buildings, bunkers, tunnels, bridges, woods and various terrain!

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577 Wolf's Lair Road
New Milford, PA 18834